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    Your homes' brokerage listing has recently expired. Why didn't your home sell? You must ask yourself, was it over priced? Do you feel it was properly represented? Are your brokerage and selling fees to high? You did not get personal attention, proper exposure, guidance, or marketing skills? Do you like your agent or company?
How We Help
     Do you think you can sell it yourself and do a better job? WE DO! No one knows how nice your home is, you know every aspect and pleasurable experience, so why don't you share it with a potential new owner! Let's face it, just a few short years ago, only Realtors were the ones with books of secret listings. Technology today is all public record. A few short clicks away from information you need, taxes, current values, deeds, school and town information. In today's competitive market you must be dynamic to survive! Every industry changes and that's why we are offering you our exclusive "PLATINUM A LA CARTE" marketing service. You only pay for what ever services you choose. Pick the ones you want YOU'RE in charge! You do not owe us a commision unless we sell your property thru our office just as if we were any other office who would bring you a bonafide and accepted offer! You negotiate the commission with the buyers or their representatives! YOU'RE in total control! Isn't that the way its should be?
For those who had their house on the market